Combine Wine Harvester

While our CCMH management was in the Czech Republic, they sent back this report: “The first few days were absolutely beautiful.  The wine harvest is in full swing.  Our friends have bought a mechanical combine wine vine harvester and it is a remarkable machine which replaces what twelve pickers can do in three days in a matter of hours.  It cost about $350K and there are only three in the CR.”  The wine industry in the Czech Republic is robust, with the reputation of having some of the best wines in Central Europe.  96% of the country’s wines come from Southern Moravia where the sunny climate is most ideal for cultivation and a modern approach is taken to this traditional craft. The Czech Prince Bořivoj is credited with planting the first vineyards in the area during the 13th and 14th centuries. Today, thanks to an influx of new vineyards since 2001, Czech wine production could jump from 580,000 hectoliters to 750,000 hectoliters.
For more information on Czech wines and tourist opportunities associated with the wine industry visit


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