Star of Wonderment Eve

The Czech Center Museum Houston is excited to host a glorious top Star Event to start out the new year Wednesday, January 6, 2010 from 6:30-8:30pm in “Galaxy Hall” in the CCMH.  This is a celebration of the twelfth day of Christmas of song and lore. We have a sneak preview of an upcoming “unveiling.” We will also hear Dr. Carolyn Sumners, Vice President of Astronomy and the Physical Sciences at Houston Museum of Natural Science and Professor of Physics and Astronomy at Rice University present just what was really going on out there the evening the three Magi were following that Star “in Wonderment.” It will be a Star event and we expect to attract interesting and interested people.  We hope you will be with us.

Admission of $35.00 includes dinner, presentation and musical entertainment.  There will be a beverage bar as well as complimentary valet parking.

Please contact us at 713-528-2060, or look online at for more information.

Thanks and we hope to see you here!


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