Spanish to Hawaiian to Czech!

After a Spanish style wedding at St. Anne’s Church, CCMH’s own, Valerie Kerschen, brings her friends and family to the Czech Center Museum Houston to celebrate her new companionship. Wine and hors d’oeuvres filled Brno Gallery as a pineapple fruit tree towered above guests in Wenceslas Chapel to add that perfect Hawaiian touch. Bright colors filled the room; Blue and pink pub tables made sure there wasn’t a dull moment. The background sounds were of a Brazilian guitarist and vocalist whose harmonization was flawless. Mingling, munching and imbibing, the guests eagerly waited for the brides arrival from the church, hoping to catch a glimpse of her elegant Spanish veil one last time before ascending up the staircase into Czech history.  Entering a beautifully decorated Prague Hall, the guests searched for their name card to secure their spot for the Bride and Groom’s especially grand entrance. Cheering filled the room as Valerie Kerschen and Price Mayfield start their new life together among all the people who meant the most. In Valerie’s own words, it was a “floating cultural bouquet of fun!”


One thought on “Spanish to Hawaiian to Czech!”

  1. The Bengaline Turquoise Linen draped over the Gift Table was vibrant and the Bengaline TurquoiseHigh-Boy Floorlength Tablecloths tied with Cerise Pink Sash looked stunning in Brno Gallery during Cocktail Hour. The Apple Green Satin Tablecloths for all accent tables (Buffet Tables, Cake Tables, Registration Table, DJ Table) lifted the bubbliness of all spirits present. Who could disagree that the Eggshell Waldorf pattern was not elegant enough for Royalty?

    It was a gorgeous day for a perfect Wedding and I am glad that I was there!

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