News of the Czech Center Museum Houston

Step Up from French and California Wines?  Try Moravian!
From sunny South Moravia in the Czech Republic

Join us in tasting six varietal archival wines including Bits and Bites
$25.00 Donation Benefiting the third Floor Comenius Library

Friday, February 11, 2011 – 6:00 – 8:00 p.m.—Let us know you are coming!  RSVP to 713-528-2060
One sun shines on Moravian vineyards. However, the vineyards give incredibly varied wines. Outstanding in their original fruity tones and spiciness resulting in a rich spectrum of aromatic agents and a harmonic full taste. This is the reason why Moravian and Bohemian wines are so popular among lovers of quality and optimally matured wines. High quality, both white and red, is receiving international awards as well as support from wine connoisseurs both within and outside the Czech borders. The Danube, Morava and Dyje rivers provide Moravia the warmth and moisture that add to an excellent grape wine crop on the more than 11000 hectares – 24000 acres – currently under vine in the Czech Republic.


Important Notice. Congress has extended several tax cuts for investors, small business owners and families for 2011 and most important for the non-profit sector is that Charitable Contributions from IRAs will be allowed.  Under current law, a retired person with an IRA can contribute up to $100,000 per year directly to a charity from their IRA.  This contribution also counts towards an annual “required minimum distribution.”  Several of you have used this method to contribute or donate to the Czech Center Museum Houston.  Please consider this method to contribute to this organization.  Contact the firm holding your IRA and request the necessary form sent to you.


Christie Rosene Johnson  wrote about our  grandson: Rory was  nominated for the Cuero  Chamber of  Commerce “Citizen of  Tomorrow” by the high  school staff.  And happily, he won.  Rory is not often at a loss for words, but even he was surprised.  It was a very nice dinner and he and we were congratulated by a lot of nice people, friends and some we hadn’t met yet.  The gentleman presenter next to him in the picture is Henry Lind, the superintendent of Cuero School System. Rory volunteers with the Czech Center Museum Houston since early childhood.  Speaking of Cuero, in the Texas Meetings and Events magazine an article about Wine Destinations: The Coolest Town in Texas. Austin? Nope. South Padre? Nope. Fort Worth? Not even close.  Snagging one of Budget Travel Magazine’s “coolest towns” in America—the only town in Texas to do so:  Cuero is the epitome of effortless, small town edginess.  Excellent cappuccinos, 19th century architecture, Gobbler football, avant-garde art galleries, century-old oak trees, and local wines are small parts of what makes Cuero cool.  Get hip at Ed: Congratulations!


The latest round of inscriptions has been etched and gilded on the marble tiles in the Czech Center Museum Houston’s Courtyard Honor and Memorial Wall.  The already etched tiles will be regilded and after completion should be an awesome site to view.  If you have not made a contribution to secure one of these beautiful etchings we will be glad to take your order to the next round.  Its fun to listen to visitors pointing out relatives or friends or just interest.


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