Krtek available at Prague International Gifts Shop

Krtek, the Czechoslovak cartoon character invented by Zdeněk Miler in 1956, will be a passenger – in plush form – on the NASA space shuttle Endeavour when it goes on a 14-day mission. Astronaut Andrew Feustel – whose mother-in-law is from Znojmo, South Moravia – will take a 19-centimeter stuffed version of Krtek along with him as one of his allotted 0.68 kilograms of personal items.

Krtek  He is taking good care-of Astronaut Andrew Feustel and he should also take care-of you.  This cuddly mole  will be sold at Prague International Gifts Shop, inside the exquisite Czech Center Museum Houston for a limited time.  This keepsake is a special Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and Graduation gift.  What perfect timing just following the Easter Bunny, that the Krtek Mole arrives in Houston!  If you need to drop any fluff, then drop those Cadbury Eggs and bring home the perfect Post-Easter treat, a Czech Mole!


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