“Žižka” – The One-eyed

“They called him “Žižka” – the one-eyed. A grizzled warrior, he rose from service as a mere bodyguard at the court of King Wenceslas to lead armies of peasant men and women. The entire kingdom took notice when his four hundred soldiers with flails and farm wagons fought the Iron Lords, two thousand mounted knights wielding lances and swords. All Europe shook to its foundations when his badly outnumbered troops battled the pope’s crusaders, one of the largest armies the continent had ever seen.

Could Žižka unite his country and its medieval social classes in time to stave off wave after wave of invading armies? Could the love of a widowed queen save him at his most desperate moment? His brother and loyal friends too must help him overcome a devastating wound, a quick temper, and antagonists at every turn – an unyielding pope, a vicious emperor, and treacherous royalists. Most of his allies among the nobility eventually turned against Žižka as well, because of his advocacy of women and justice among the classes.

Žižka’s calls to battle would echo on and on. Then the legend would begin.”



The front cover depicts the head of the monumental statue of Jan Žižka on Vitkov Hill in Prague. This bronze sculpture by Bohumil Kafka is said to be the largest equestrian statue in the world. Photograph by Jaromír Dvořák, Jr., of Nový Bor, courtesy of Dr. Pavel Douša, Director of the Historical Museum of the Czech Republic National Museum (Národní Muzeum).

About the Author

Jim Fuxa was a professor of invertebrate pathology and scientist who authored or co-authored books, chapters for edited works, journal papers, and reports to governmental agencies. He served on the editorial boards of four scientific journals and presented invited lectures in more than a dozen countries on five continents, including a U.S. Congressional briefing.

Fuxa now writes historical fiction.


This historical novel of Revolution in medieval Bohemia – the Kingdom consisting of Bohemia, Moravia, Lusatia and Silesia in the 15th Century is the fruition of many years of research of the country of the author’s Czech ancestors’ birth their having immigrated to North America in 1869 – 1875.

If you like History, Suspense and Realism, you will love this book. Better yet, go visit Prague to see Žižka on his horse at the National Museum.          – Ed. Note

Please call 713-528-2060 Czech Center Museum Houston to order the book.


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