About C.C.M.H.


The Czech Center Museum Houston is proud to be one of Houston’s eighteen fine museums, dedicated to the exploration and preservation of Czech and Slovak heritage. There are estimated one million persons of that descent living in the state of Texas who have contributed significantly to the development of Texas and most certainly to our nation.

Not only do we further the public’s knowledge of Czech and Slovak culture but we also  serve as a catalyst for discussion of all heritage, as we become a citizen of the world when we know our hosts; at the same time this lends to a more civil society.

Furthermore, our beautiful Baroque Palace is the perfect venue for almost any kind of event.  We have hosted an array of events including concerts, seminars, performances, weddings, lectures, corporate events, galas, meetings, private parties, reunions, banquets, group tours, art exhibitions, various countries’ National Day celebrations and more.


2 thoughts on “About C.C.M.H.”

  1. Hi,

    and thank you for linking to my blog! That is how I discovered your blog 🙂
    I am really glad I found out about the Czech museum in Texas – yet another exciting topic to write about!

    Let me know about your activities and I am going to put them on my monthly calendar of Czech events!

    Thank you,


  2. What a lovely building and what great work you do. We don’t have a location but we work hard every day to preserve Czech culture via our online portal at:


    Come and visit us and do share with your friends – we have something for everyone!

    Kytka, Zanna & Zynnia aka TresBohemes

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The Czech Center Museum Houston provides unique education experiences based on authentic objects, art, music, stories and lives of Czech, Slovaks and Europeans, who left their country to seek liberty and democracy in America.

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