Upcoming Exhibits

August 14 through November 30, 2017
Pilsen Hall

Vedem, a multimedia art exhibition, deconstructs and reinterprets the literary work of a secret society of Jewish boys, who created the longest running magazine in any Nazi camp. Created by Rina Taraseiskey, Michael Murphy and Danny King.


Vedem was the voice of the adolescent prisoners, their  defiance, and their connection to life before. Produced from 1942 – 1944, the original ‘zine’ (hand-made magazine), is recreated through panels dedicated to various subject matter, such as “Features”, “Humor” and “News and Editorial” sections. Using a combination of pop-art graphics, drawings, paintings, and the prose and poetry of  in the Terezin Ghetto, the exhibit explores 83 weekly issues of the Vedem magazine.

On display will be reproductions of 56 compelling objects, ephemera, photographs and 800 pages from the original Vedem magazines provided by Pamatnik Terezin, the Terezin Memorial Museum at the Terezin ghetto.  Also included are four videos of never before seen footage from Terezin filmed for the documentary film, “Vedem Underground.”

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