Offered courses

The Czech Center Museum Houston offers a variety of courses to give you the opportunity to learn a new language or prepare you for your next visit to Europe. Become a member of the CCMH (the annual individual membership costs $35) and enjoy the free language courses in German & Czech as well as the useful art, history and culture courses, giving you a taste of Europe.

Offered courses:

                                                                  Visit Europe                                                                       (Art & History courses about Europe)

                                                                     German                                                                           (German language course)


The courses take place at:

Czech Center Museum Houston
4920 San Jacinto Street, Houston, Texas 77004

Contact the CCMH to sign up for the classes. There is only a limited number of places available.

713 493 96 18


Preserving and celebrating Czech and Slovak heritage with the goal of promoting a global community

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